5-in-1 Roof Antenna Extension Cable (3 Meter) for Poynting Roof Antenna (Airstream OEM Compatible)

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Cable Extension for Poynting & Airstream 5-in-1 OEM roof Antennas
Part Number: A-CAB-119
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Product Overview 

Extension cables designed for vehicle integration on mobility antennas. This product is flame retardant and therefore safe for use in transportation applications such as buses, trains, trams and other motor vehicles. This cable is made by Poynting, the OEM Manufacturer for Airstreams 2018-2019 line of Peplink/Cellular mobile routers and will work with Poynting's 5-in-1 Roof antenna or with our Mobile Internet Bundles

Electrical Specifications

  • Capacitance: 83.3pF/m 
  • Conductor: Bare Copper 
  • Wire Shield Coverage: 88% 
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 12.7mm Input Impedance 50 Ohm (nominal) 
  • Cable loss: 0.25dB/m @ 450 MHz 0.35dB/m @900 MHz 0.53dB/m @ 2000 MHz 0.6dB/m @2500 MHz
Mechanical Specifications
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x D): 3m (+/- 5% x 4.95mm
  • Weight .7669 kg
  • Conductor diameter: 0.95mm
  • Inner conductor diameter: 2.96mm
  • Outer conductor diameter: 3.54mm
  • Jacket diameter: 4.95mm
  • Connector: 5 x SMA (f), 3 x SMA(m) and 2 x RPSMA (m)

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