AT&T Unlimited Data Referral Program ($249.00 First-Month, $140/mo thereafter)

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Unlimited Data Membership Program on the Nations Largest Cellular Network - SIM ONLY
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** In an effort to prevent fraudulent accounts, a SIM is included when placing an order for an unlimited data account referral.  FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED**


Cellular Carrier Business Customer Service has limited service due to COVID-19, there is a temporary delay in line activations, currently taking approximately 5-10 business days (M-F) from your requested date of activation. Plan ahead, your pre-paid time does not start until your line is activated. 


If you are looking to work on the road or use a cellular data connection as your primary internet source then you want a truly unlimited data plan. That means no data caps, no throttling and no strings attached, truly unlimited data. Unfortunately, the four major U.S. cellular carriers no longer offer truly unlimited data plans to new customers. But don't worry, they do still exist and you can get your hands on one today.

Here is How it Works is not a data plan reseller and we do not have direct relationships with any of the major cellular data providers but we can put you in touch with a trusted reseller. This takes the headache out of using eBay and other services that can open you up to scams or false advertising.  As part of the purchase of the above referral, we will provide you an un-activated sim card and an introduction to a data partner who will provide you with 30 days of data service within the terms listed below. Your sim card will be activated within 5-10 business days of your requested activation date and you will be provided an introduction on how to continue paying for your service monthly to the data referral partner via secure PayPal transactions. You can request activation dates up to 30 days in the future. 

Pay for your data referral fee which includes 30 days of pre paid data service today. Sims will be activated in approximately 5-10 business days (M-F) as demand allows. If you need more details on how exactly data referral plans work you can read our detailed article located here

Is This Really Unlimited? Are There Restrictions? Will I Be Disconnected?

These plans do not have data caps and will not be throttled based on usage. Customers regularly use upwards of 500-700gb of data per month. That is enough to work full time and heavily stream to your hearts content with multiple family members all using the service. That said, these accounts are for personal use. The account is monitored for abuse and for activity not consistent with personal use.  As a general rule, our data partner requests that usage be kept under 1TB per month (1000GB) to protect the health of the account for all customers. While there are no data caps, we ask that participants respect these rules to prevent issues for everyone.  If you are found to be consistently using more than 1TB (1000GB) per month, you may be disconnected for abusing the service. While it is incredibly rare a customer would need more than 1TB(1000GB of data) if you feel you do we recommend purchasing two data referral plans to balance the load. All of our Pepwave devices have the ability to accept two sims and can be configured to automatically switch from 1 sim to another when data usage has reached a certain threshold. This is generally not needed but it is an option for those exceptions. 

Will Your Sim Fit My Device? Is My Device Compatible 

Our plans are designed for AT&T compatible data only devices also commonly known as MiFi or Hotspots. No it will not work in a phone or tablet, no if your phone has a "hotspot feature" it will not work. Here is a partial list of devices that are compatible with our data plans. We ship tri-cut sims that fit all available consumer devices
  • AT&T Compatible Hotspots including the Netgear Nighthawk, Unite Explore and other AT&T compatible MiFi/Hotspots. 
  • All Peplink Mobile Routers that accept sim cards
  • Other AT&T Network Compatible Devices*

*note we do not provide technical support to get 3rd party modems online. You must contact the manufacturer for technical support however the sim we provide will be a standard data only plan sim that will be configured just as a data plan purchased directly from AT&T. Please verify your device supports direct AT&T data plan use before purchasing this plans. Refunds will be provided if necessary within 14 days of activation date minus the cost of the sim card if the plan does not work for you within the 14 day trial period. Again we will not provide technical support for 3rd party devices, you must contact the person you purchased the device from.

Other Plans are Cheaper. Why? 

The plans offered here are not the same as lower cost plans offered by others that claim to be true unlimited plans. Many of those plans are unlimited, but they are designed to function in tablets or phones and typically get shut down when the carriers realize they are not being used in the devices they were intended for. This is why those plans often are disconnected without notice by the reseller. Our referral plans cost more, but they are more stable and are far less likely to have issues especially with rv specific mobile routers or internet solutions.   Questions? Start a chat below or email us at [email protected] 

Key Features

  • No Contracts - Never any contracts, cancel anytime and only pay month to month
  • Automatic Bill Pay - Pay your membership automatically each month via Paypal Secure Online Payments (manual payments are an option as well)
  • No Throttling - No Throttling Ever, truly unlimited 4G high-speed data
  • No Data Caps - No data caps. Members frequently use upwards of 500gb per month. 
  • Bring Your Own Device - Have an AT&T Mifi device, router or another compatible modem? Then use it! We'll ship you just the sim card and you are ready to go!


Will My Monthly Costs Go Up or Change? 

Since we started offering this referral data plan years ago, we have worked hard to ensure our data partner has never increased the monthly fee to our customers after they have signed up unlike many of our competitors. New customers may pay a higher monthly fee but legacy customers will enjoy the monthly price they were provided at time of sign up for as long as they keep the line active. We believe in clear pricing and no surprises and select data partners who match those values. 

Can I temporarily Suspend Service? 

Yes, there are no contracts or commitments with data referral plans from You can discontinue service at any time by simply logging into the PayPal portal and modifying your auto-pay settings and emailing our data partner (you will receive contact information after purchase). When you wish to resume service you will be required to provide a new sim card as once your line is re-assigned to another customer the sim becomes unusable. Note if you resume service after disconnecting the monthly fee will adjust to the current recurring monthly rate listed on this page. Sim cards are available with free shipping on our store here for customers coming back after a period of time. Your reconnection request will be put at the back of the activation queue and will be subject to availability and activation delays published at that time. 

How Come the Sign Up Fee Changes Sometimes? 

Similar to Uber, our sign up fee for NEW referral customers can change from time to time. This is similar to Uber's "surge pricing" where prices temporarily can increase to help us manage demand. We introduced this pricing methodology in 2020 as a result of COVID where we saw a massive increase in customer sign-ups and were in danger of running out of lines for our loyal RV and boating community who rely on the service. This does not mean the monthly ongoing fee increases if you are an existing customer, this only affects the sign-up fee for your first month of service. This also discourages customers from signing up for our service for only a single month to use on a two-week vacation which is not the audience this plan was intended to serve primarily. Unfortunately one of the only tools we have to control demand is what we charge and as such in periods of extremely high demand the sign-up fees may increase.

How Do I Pay The Monthly Bill? 

When your sim card ships you will receive an activation ticket with payment information to setup your next month of service. Payments are processed monthly through and you can set the payments to be automatic. Note that does not collect this payment as we are not the data reseller. You will receive all additional information needed int he activation ticket when your sim card ships. 

What If I forget to Pay My Bill or My Card Is Declined? 

If you do not setup payments with our data reseller before your 30 day period is up, the line will be deactivated and reassigned to another customer. If your payment is declined your line will be re-assigned to another customer so it is important that you manage your billing settings within the Paypal billing portal to ensure uninterrupted service.  If your line is diconnected due to non-payment, once payment has been made you will be placed back in the activation queue and will be subject to the activation delays listed at the top of this page. This is to protect our other customers that are patiently waiting to be activated. Activations are handled in order without exceptions. 

Select Your Device

If you are looking for truly unstoppable connectivity while on the road checkout our line of mobile friendly bundles available here.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't like the data referral plan or want to return for any reason? Couldnt get it to work or no service in your area? No problem, we offer 14-day, no questions asked returns. Simply request a refund and we will process it as quickly as possible. 

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