MobileMark 9-in-1 Cellular, WiFI GPS Roof Antenna

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9 in 1 Cellular Wifi GPS Antenna for Advanced Dual Modem Mobile Routers
Part Number: LTMG944
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The MobileMark 9-in-1 Roof Antenna is a great addition to your cellular mobile router including our Pepwave Transit Duo & Pepwave HD2 line of products. This antenna will provide 4x MIMO 4G cellular antennas and 4x 2.4Ghz-6Ghz wifi and GPS to the roof of your RV. The antenna includes an 15ft cable with the appropriate fittings to fit Cradlepoint, Peplink/Pepwave and other devices. 

Summary of Antenna

Cables 1-4 (LTE):  694-960 MHz, 2 dBi & 1710-3700 MHz, 5 dBi
Cables 5-8 (WiFi):  2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz, 5 dBi
Cable 9 (GNSS):  1575 MHz & 1602 MHz, 5 dBi

Optional Grounding Plane

This antenna requires that you drill a hole in the top of your RV, van or travel trailer. This antenna functions best when installed on a metal roof or use the optional grounding plane. Since most RV's are fiberglass, you will need to add the optional grounding plane provided by the manufacturer available above under options or after the fact here. 

Additional Information

The LTMG944 is a 9-cable antennas with 4xLTE, 4xWiFi and 1xGNSS.  With 9-elements, the LTMG944 antenna provides a good match for the dual-carrier modems that contain two pairs of LTE MIMO elements, one pair for each carrier.  These fleet management systems offer Cellular carrier back-up.  The 4xWiFi elements provide faster through-put for the advanced WiFi processors.

The LTMG944 covers all Global Cellular & LTE frequencies and is also Private LTE and 5-G ready.  Specifically, the Cellular/LTE element covers: 694-960 & 1710-3700 MHz; the Wifi elements cover 2.4-2.5 GHz, 4.9-6.0 GHz.

Measuring 5.5'' (140 mm) in diameter with a low profile of 2.38" (60.4 mm), the LTMG944 series antennas take up significantly less space than multiple antennas.

The antennas can also be configured for GPS only use.  

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