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If you are new to mobile internet and all the options that are out there, it can be very confusing and overwhelming!  With so many options, types, brands, and technology it is hard to know what solution is right for you and your needs. 

At we are full-time travelers.  We not only sell the products and manage the store, but we are full-time users of this technology.  

To eliminate the overwhelm we see a lot of new RVers get when looking at mobile internet we have come up with our own bundles that have everything needed to get started.  These solutions are the best on the market and what we have installed in our own RVers.

Below we have outlined what is in each bundle, what type of use they were designed for, and what is this bundle is the best feature. Each bundle has a similar structure. A Pepwave LTE Router, a roof mount antenna, and a DC inline fuzed power cable. 

We have decided to use pepwave as the main foundation for our bundles as they are a very robust device that is designed for 24/7 use.  Originally designed for first responders, these devices are not only physically made well, but they also have great firmware that keeps the devices connected. 

The roof mount antenna is added to these bundles to move the signal capture outside of the RV to the roof, the highest point.  All of these antennas are omnidirectional and very low maintenance.  In most cases, we see a 2x-4x improvement in signal strength and reception. 

Finally, the 12v DC power cable is a great way to power the pepwave so you always have power weather the unit is plugged in or not. With power pulled directly from the RVs 12v system (or battery directly) the pepwave can be running all the time even while driving! They have a very small power drain and no need to run the generator to have an internet solution. 

One term that should be cleared up before we get started is Wifi-as-Wan.  This feature allows you to connect to a public network (campground wifi) and use that connection as a way to get the internet to your devices.  

Essentials RV & Boat Internet Access Bundle

Price: $524.99

Pepwave: MAX BR1 Mini

Used for: web page browsing and streaming

Good for: Weekenders, summer vacationers, short trips, etc. 

Features: Single cat 6 modem

Limits: No wifi-as-wan, no 5ghz wifi.

Full-Time RV & Boat Internet Access Bundle

Price: $774.99

Pepwave: MAX BR1 MK2

Used for: Web page browser, steaming, lite VOIP

Features: Dual-band WiFi and single cat 6 modem

Limits: cat 6 modem

Speed Demon Bundle

Price: $1120

Pepwave: MAX Transit Cat-18

Used for: Streaming, video calls, large file upload/download

Good for: Full Time RVers, 1-2 people with only one hotspot plan

Best Feature: cat-18 modem speed, dual-band wifi, wifi as wan. 

Limits: single modem (but it's fast!)

Ultimate Road Warrior RV & Boat Internet Access Bundle

Price: $1,241.18

Pepwave: MAX Transit Duo (dual cat-12) 

Used for: Streaming, video conferencing, large files, load balancing data plans

Good for: Working remotely, high bandwidth users, that have two unlimited hotspot plans

Feature: dual cat-12 modems, Speedfusion capable. 

Limits: cell tower speed limits are the only thing slowing this set up down.