Sani-Con Turbo 300 - Next Gen Portable Macerator System

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Portable RV Macerating Evacuation System For Use When Portable Installation Is Not Desired
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**NOTE AVAILABILITY LISTED ABOVE** is proud to announce that we are the first Thetford authorized online retailer of the Sani-Con Turbo line of macerator products. What is the Sani-Con Turbo and is it right for you? The Sani-Con is a revolution in mobile sanitation and evacuation. The Sani-Con Turbo line of products have come pre-installed on high end Class A Motor coaches for years but now that same technology is available as a customer installed solution. 

Why Sani-Con Turbo?

  • Easier Dumping: Makes the least-enjoyable aspect of RV use quicker and easier
  • Improved Sanitation: No connections to make or break mean fewer spills and no getting your hands dirty
  • Convenience & Flexibility: Enables dumping uphill 9í or up to 100í horizontally
  • Time Saving: Drains nearly as fast as gravity, without set-up or clean-up time
  • Integrated Grey Water Bypass: The first ever, pump-integrated, grey water bypass system means you can leave your grey water valve open even when the Sani-Con Turbo pump is not enabled for residential like performance. 

Sani-Con 300s - Is This the Right Model & Where do I Install It?

The system is designed for ultra portability and flexibility when a permanent installation isn't desired. The Sani-Con Turbo 300 is a portable macerator solution that can be fitted to any RV quickly and easily using the standard bayonet fitting found on just about every RV made today. Add 12v power from a portable battery, close vehicle or using a wire to the coach batteries and your up and running.  

Sani-Con® Turbo 300 is designed to work on all RV types, but will be especially useful on travel trailers where a permanent installation on the sewer outlet is not possible.

Campers in this category have sewer outlets mounted under the body but have no room for a permanent installation of the macerating pump. The "Tank Buddy" comes with its own handy storage box, allowing users to safely store it after use.

If you are looking for a more permanent setup for a single RV, don't worry, there is likely a model for you, email us for ordering information at [email protected] or start a chat in the bottom right corner and we will point you in the right direction based on your setup. 

How does it work?

Model 300 requires minimal set-up time, it hooks to any 12 V power supply and works with a standard boyonet style sewer hookup common on most RVs. The "Tank Buddy" comes fully assembled, only requiring a few steps to get the waste evacuation process started:

  • Step 1: Remove the system from storage box
  • Step 2: Remove the cap and connect the pump to the sewer outlet
  • Step 3: Make sure the switch on the pump is set to "off" and connect the wires to a power source
  • Step 4: Remove the cap and connect the nozzle to the dumping station
  • Step 5: Open the black water valve
  • Step 6: Turn on the macerating pump
  • Step 7: When the black water tank is empty the pump will start sounding different
  • Step 8: Turn off the pump and close the black water tank valve
  • Step 9: Empty the grey water tank to help rinse the system
  • Step 10: Disconnect the nozzle from the dumping station and the pump from the sewer outlet, replace the caps and return the Sani-Con® Turbo in its Storage Box.

What's Included

  • Sani-Con® Turbo 300 assembly - with OT (over-temperature) protected pump
  • Hose and nozzle assembly with nozzle caps
  • 2 Alligator clips to connect a 12 V battery (battery not included)
  • 35 AMP fuse
  • Storage case
  • Quick connect wire (optional for pre-wire installs)

Installation & First Impressions - Detailed Video (Sani-Con 600s) (Full Article)


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