Sky4 LTE Modem Upgrade Module

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LTE-Modem Upgrade For WifiRanger Sky4
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**These are no longer available from the manufacturer and are no longer for sale**

Did your RV come with a Sky4 Roof Antenna installed from the factory? If so you may have noticed that relying on campground wifi as your only source of internet can sometimes be unbearable. 

This LTE upgrade allows your WiFiRanger Sky4 to capture cellular internet in addition to wifi signals allowing you to free yourself from campground wifi or provide you the ability to use campground wifi and cellular wifi in combination (load balancing).  You can set WiFiRanger to automatically choose WiFi, LTE, or both; set wan prioritization and more through your WiFiRanger dashboard.  

Use any existing hotspot data plan from AT&T or Verizon (remove the sim card from your hotspot and place it in the LTE modem board, then mount everything in your existing Sky4 housing on the roof and surf!). Don't have a data plan or looking for a true unlimited data plan? We have you covered! Data plans are located here

Units ship with an AT&T or Verizon unactivated sim card which you can activate on our data plans or your own plan direct with the cellular carrier. You can also switch between AT&T and Verizon (or Sprint & T-Mobile) down the road inside the unit's management console so you are not locked into one carrier. The hardware supports all carriers. 

Package Contents
  • WiFiRanger LTE module
    • Modem
    • SIM Card

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