We.Stream Secure Hotspot with 2 SIM slots plus Cloud Sim

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Capable Mobile Hotspot that has 2 SIM Card Slots and VPN Support + Cloud SIM for No-Contract Global Data Access
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We.Stream is the secure mobile WiFi Hotspot with embedded Cloud SIMTechnology.

The We.Stream global hotspot is like no other hotspot currently on the market. It has a global cellular modem embedded that supports multiple carriers in the US including AT&T & T-Mobile in the US. It has an embedded cloud sim that allows you to buy high speed data on demand without contract when traveling around the world and in the US. With 2 open sim slots for your own data plans and an embedded cloud sim to use when traveling abroad or when unexpected data needs arise, the We.Stream is the ultimate portable hotspot for the traveling nomad.  Future proof your data needs by purchasing a cellular modem that will work with any carrier for years to come regardless of where your travels take you. 

The embedded SIM technology provides high-speed data in over 100 countries.

ï Two open nano SIM slots for addition SIM cards.
ï USB power bank for secure wireless charging.
ï The 5,000+ mAh battery is good for up to 15 hours.
ï Built-in VPN.

** We do not recommend this device if you are traveling only in the USA  - Does not Support CDMA Carriers including Verizon/Sprint at this time **

The We.Stream device includes 2GB of worldwide, high-speed LTE data for the first month. Additional data can be purchased directly from the device without reoccurring costs or you can add your own SIM card from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & many more.

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