WiFiRanger Sky4 Antenna - Budget Friendly RV Connectivity Roof Mounted Wifi Antenna with DC direct wiring

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A Budget Friendly Entry Level RV Connectivity Solution to Boost Hotspot & Campground Wifi
Part Number: 11-SKY4DCMD
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WifiRanger's entry level roof mounted connectivity solution, the Sky4 is a flexible solution for the weekender or budget conscious traveler who wants to improve their ability to stay connected on the road. Here is how it works:

The Sky4 is a roof only only antenna. The antenna itself is mounted on the roof and 12v +/- power cables (8") exit the bottom of the unit and should be connected to your RV house batteries to power the unit. The unit's roof mounted Flex-guard wifi antennas operate in dual channel mode at 2.4ghz allowing you to pickup campground and other wifi signals near your RV. The Sky4 then rebroadcasts those wifi signals in and around your RV. The unit does not support cellular internet by default.  For those who wish to add 4G LTE capabilities a LTE Modem can be added to the Sky4 at a later date or you can purchase the Sky4 LTE Modem Upgrade Chipset. The Sky4 is equipped with a Flex-guardTM antennas that can bend down to 5" clearance without doing damage to the unit, protecting against trees and other overhangs. 

Note: This is for the roof antenna only. The roof antenna will pickup campground wifi and rebroadcast that signal around your coach. The signal strength will not be as good as a solution with a dedicated interior router such ask the Sky4 Pack however this is a good solution for smaller trailers with fiberglass or rubber roofs. You cannot add wired ethernet devices either with this unit, if you are looking for that option, look at the Sky4 Pack or the Sky Pro Pack.  We do not recommend this for coaches/trailers with metal construction as the signal will not penetrate the roof. You must wire 12v power to the antenna. 

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