WiFiRanger Sky4 LTE VERIZON Pack (OPEN BOX) - Complete Budget Friendly RV Connectivity Solution (COPY)

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A Complete RV Connectivity Solution with Internal/External Wifi Antennas 2Ghz/5ghz Connectivity, Cellular LTE Modem with Verizon Support and USB Cellular Support
Part Number: 11-SKY4PACK-REFURB
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**This is no longer available from the manufacturer** Please contact us for other options. 

A complete RV internet solution with indoor accessibility and outdoor range in a convenient package that has been tested to be turn-key for the mobile enthusiast who wants reliable connectivity without breaking the bank.  The Sky4 Pack LTE is weatherproof, rated to be fully submerged in water and can be mounted directly to a flat surface roof and comes pre-installed with an LTE modem and Verizon sim card.  The Sky4 Pack features a powerful roof antenna with 1 mile range and 2Ghz wireless capabilities, LTE modem pre-programed for Verizon and comes with an internally mounted "Core" router that rebroadcasts wifi inside your RV using 2ghz and 5Ghz technology. The Core router supports USB tethering of cellular MiFi allowing you to centrally manage campground wifi and cellular from a central dashboard making it an excellent all around solution. 

The Sky4 Pack is equipped with a Flex-guardTM antennas that can bend down to 5" clearance without doing damage to the unit, protecting against trees and other overhangs. 

This unit will provide  a secure, private network for all of your wireless computers and devices using the the indoor "Core" router which also has several LAN ports for hardwiring computers and devices. The Sky4 Pack roof mounted antenna then brings in otherwise weak WiFi from Hotspots in the area to get your entire network online. 

This package also allows for USB tethering a 4G LTE MiFi device allowing you to use campground or hotspot wifi or cellular. You can also add a rooftop cellular module to the Sky4 using the 4G LTE upgrade module (INCLUDED AND PRE INSTALLED ALREADY) which will provide greater cellular range and connectivity due to it's roof mounted configuration. Everything is managed through the patented WifiRanger single panel user interface which is the easiest interface we've seen in the industry allowing advanced and novice users to use the system with minimal effort. 

Easy installation with just one wire to the roof thanks to WifiRanger's integrated Power over Ethernet functionality which powers the roof antenna. Internal router can run on 120v inverter power or 12V battery power and comes with both power adapters. 

This is an excellent all-in-one solution we highly recommend. Questions? email us at [email protected] or start a facebook chat below.

package contents
  • WiFiRanger Sky4
    • 30FT Ethernet Cable
    • Installation Kit
    • LTE Module Pre Installed
    • Verizon Sim Card Pre Installed (unused or activated)
  • WiFiRanger Core
    • 110VAC Power Adapter & 12V Wire Harness
    • 24v DC Upverted added to newer models to prevent reboots on low battery voltage (older models are missing this key feature)
    • Quick Start Guide
1-year warranty

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