weBoost Antenna Telescoping Mounting Pole (25 Foot)
weBoost Antenna Telescoping Mounting Pole (25 foot)

weBoost Antenna Telescoping Mounting Pole (25 Foot)

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Five Section Telescoping Antenna Mounting Solution for RVs
Part Number: 900203
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Designed primarily to work with RV applications, the 25 ft. Antenna Mounting Pole can also be used for mounting outdoor antennas on the side of buildings. The pole requires being mounted to a vertical structure and can be configured to any height from 6-25 ft. by twist-locking the five telescoping sections into place.

This pole is compatible with the Outside Omni Antennas (304421304422304424304421), Directional Yagi Antennas (314475314411) and Outdoor Panel Antennas (314453, 314473). 

Benefits include increased isolation between the donor and server antenna which provides a more direct path to the cell tower.

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